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Mar was first introduced to painting while growing up around her father's auto body and paint shop. In her early childhood, she loved watching the artists that did freehand artwork on cars. Inspired, Mar would sit in the shop’s office for hours and doodle on post-it's with pens, highlighters, and whiteout. She learned persistence by watching her grandmother spend months working on needlepoint art works. Eventually, Mar found the same passion for oil painting. Since then her paintings have been displayed in Congressman Matsui’s Sacramento office; the Mondavi Center in Davis, California; the Soma Arts Gallery in San Francisco; the Capital building in Washington D.C.; the senators’ meeting room in the Sacramento state capitol; and numerous galleries in Sacramento, including the Crocker Art Museum. Also, she has worked with many accomplished muralists in Sacramento, whom have given her the opportunity to assist with murals that make the city more beautiful. Seventeen years ago, she began offering free oil painting classes in what was a unique cultural center in Sacramento, Joe’s Style Shop. Mar was then offered jobs teaching in public schools, cultural centers, and summer art programs. She has experience teaching painting, drawing, ceramics, and dance with students of all ages. Currently, she is studying to be an art therapist and always looks forward to sharing the joy of painting. 

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