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Lizzy Mailho has been an artist her entire life. Starting from a young age she was drawing on anything she could get her hands on and was inspired by the illustrations of Beatrix Potter. She loved watching Bob Ross paint landscapes on T.V., which she attempted to recreate with children’s watercolor sets. She became serious about art while at Butte College, where she decided to make her passion into her major. From there she went on to earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts in drawing and painting, from Chico State University. Although she is a drawer at heart, Lizzy has experimented with other forms of art including, print making, sculpture, lost wax casting, welding, wood work, and digital. A huge fan of figure drawing, she mostly favors people as her subject matter. Her work is thought provoking, dark, weird, and whimsical. She draws inspiration from childhood imagination mixed with the reality of adulthood, psychological issues, stress, humor, and is also inspired by the work of other artists. A few of her favorite artists include: Jason Shawn Alexander, Charmaine Olivia, Lori Earley and Mandy Tsung.

Website: www.lizzymailho.com

Society 6: www.society6.com/lizzymailho

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