Private Parties

79hihjbPainting or Crafting Private Party Options!

Book your own private paint-and-sip or crafting party at The Painted Cork on the Westside of Santa Cruz! Have the whole place to yourself for your birthday party, teambuilding outing, corporate event, bridal shower, holiday event, family get-together, or any other outing you can imagine! Pick a date and time and contact us for availability! Once we establish a date that works for both of us, you pick the painting or craft event that works best for your group, and then get ready for a FUN and creative event!

The painting experience will include all the following:

Your event includes everything each guest needs for the painting experience! This includes pre-sketched canvases, brushes, paints, water bowls, aprons, easels, napkins, table coverings, and a unique painting experience with an individually hand-crafted masterpiece for each guest. This also includes a 2-3 hour painting choice chosen by you, the host, and step-by-step professional Art instruction from an artist with 30 years of painting experience. All setup and clean-up for a painting class are also included.google group BIG

We require only 15 guests minimum to book a private event and can accommodate up to 80! Our prices for in-house private events run as follows: $45 per person for a 2-hour class, $50 per person for a 3-hour class, and $55 per person for a 4-hour class. Class hourly times (2,3, and 4 hours) are based on the painting selection.

Off-Site Parties and Events

If you want a paint-and-sip party at your home, restauran                               t, venue, winery, or special event, The Painted Cork will come to you! You may reserve an off-site private party any day of the week with a 20 painters minimum. Our offsite prices run as follows: $45 per person for a 2-hour class, $50 per person for a 3-hour class, and $55 per person for a 4-hour class. Class hourly times (2,3, and 4 hours) are based on the painting selection.  The initial invoice is usually sent for the 2-hour rate until the painting is chosen. Any additional time needed for the party will be an extra $75 an hour or $40 for a half-hour. The 20-guest minimum deposit must be paid as soon as possible to reserve your date and time slot for the party! Additional guests may be paid for in a separate invoice, or if you know the exact number, we will send the first invoice for that amount to make things easier! 

Your Private Painting Party will include all travel, set up for the class, and all art supplies such as easels, brushes, paints, aprons, table coverings, canvases, and 2-3 hours of professional art instruction, and all painting party clean up.

Please note that our professional instructor must be allowed at least 1.5-2 hours to arrive early and set up, and tables and chairs must be already present at the painting place. A sink is also needed for water bowls and minor clean-up.


How to book an off-site private event at my location

  • Fill out the form below DSC00143 2
  • We will contact you. And we will send over an invoice if your date is open! At this time, you can tell us your final guest count if you have one.
  • Email us your painting choice and pay the deposit to book your event!
  • Our professional Artist will show up at your event about 2 hours before the event to set everything up to perfection!
  • Sit back and watch your guests enjoy a fantastic painting experience!

What's included?

An off-site private party includes:

  • Your choice of one painting (click the Gallery tab located above for painting selections)
  • 2-4 hours of professional art instruction (time is based on painting choice)
  • All materials needed for your painting experience including aprons, easels, canvases, and ALL art supplies!
  • All painting set up and clean up for the painting experience

virtual PP finalVIRTUAL Parties and Events

Would you like to have a painting party held virtually?  We can do that! Whether your group is just at the office, their individual homes or even out of state or out of country, virtual classes are always a hit for long distance and socially distanced fun!

The pandemic has pushed us into virtual classes to keep our staff and guests safe!  We will continue to offer virtual classes and private parties as an ongoing option because so!  What does this mean for you?  You can now have a private eventat any location nationally and even globally!  Guests may reserve a private party any day of the week with a 20 painters minimum.  Our price is $45 per person for a 2 hour painting event and $50 for a 3 hour painting event. Fill out our party form below to get started! 

We have a couple of VIRTUAL Party options!

The Works:  home painting kit3

Let us do all of the work! We can put together separate "home painting kits" for everyone in your group which will include everything needed for the virtual private party such as paintbrushes, paints, a pre-sketched image of your painting choice onto a 14x18, water bowls, disposable aprons, table coverings, palette plates, napkins and 2-3 hours of professional instruction with your private painting party via Zoom for a rate of $45-$50 per person and a 20 person minimum. You can either pick up these kits at our Santa Cruz location, OR you can have the kits shipped out to all your guests at a  rate of $15.75 per kit for shipping anywhere in the state of California. Out of state and international shipping is available. The Home Painting Kits will come with everything you need for the virtual painting class with no extra fees or orders!

Flat Rate Special:

If your group has their own supplies, OR if you would like to purchase your own supplies directly from our supplier, we can charge a flat rate for the professional painting instruction for only $400 for a 2-3 hour step-by-step painting event. This option is more cost-effective than "The Works" and has no limit to how many guests join in! However, someone would have to be in charge of ordering and then passing out the supplies to those who need them. If you'd prefer the "flat rate" option, I can give you a more precise quote on supplies needed after you pick the painting choice. 🎨

If you would like to book either option, just let us know which one works best for you! If you select "The Works" we will send you an invoice for the 20 guest minimum for the home painting kits. Or if you choose the "flat rate", we will send you an invoice for the $400 painting instruction along with a link to our supplier and "class supply list". 

You can pick your painting choice for your event from either one of our gallery of 2 or 3-hour classes. After the painting experience, we will gladly give someone in your group access as "host" and you can continue on with your party!

How to book a VIRTUAL private event

  • Fill out the form below with as many details as you can regarding your request and if you would like "The Works" or the "Flat Rate Special".
  • We will contact you if we can accommodate your event, and if we can, will send over an invoice! At this time, you can tell us your final guest count if you have one and coordinate a "kit delivery" date if you choose "The Works".
  • Email us your painting choice and pay the deposit to book your event!
  • We will create a special link for your group and send it to the host to send out to the group.
  • We will have your room set up for your event 30 minutes prior to the event!





The Painted Cork loves to give back to the Community!

We would love to collaborate with your cause and create a painting party fundraiser! 

Our mission is to provide a public non-profit fundraiser at our Santa Cruz location once a month!! So feel free to contact us to schedule your fundraiser event. Let us know your ideas! Simply fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

To find out if a date is available or for more information, please fill out the private party form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.  For other questions please contact us at

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To book a private event at our studio, we only require a 15 guest minimum to reserve the studio and have the whole place to yourself. If you have a smaller group, you can join in on a public event and we will sit your group together. Or you can even create your own public event pick the painting! just let us know at !

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