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Paint Your Pet Home Painting Kits!

As soon as you order your home painting kit, please send us your pet picture to so that we can hand-sketch your portrait for you and mail it out to you! 

Your Home Painting Kit will have everything you need for the painting experience, including paints, brushes, an apron, table covering, water bowl, napkin, sharpie, palette plates, and a hand-sketched portrait of your pet!

Collage paint your pet warhol

The iconic and renowned Artist Andy Warhol is a Pop Art legend. He created a mass production of images printed and painted repeatedly in bold colors.  He used Marilyn Monroe as one of his most popular mass production subjects, and he colored her image every color imaginable.

This class is a colorful twist on our classic "old school" version of Paint Your Pet, which is more realistic in construction and color.  With this portrait painting, we will concentrate on all colors of the rainbow and channel our inner Warhol!  If you'd rather have the natural colors of your pet, just let us know in the comments box at check out!

Let's PAINT!

website pets warhol 3 dogs

Simply send us a high-resolution HEADSHOT photograph of your pet that has clarity and good lighting and we will hand sketch the image of your pet onto a 12 x 12" stretched canvas and send it to you along with a 9 color acrylic paint set, new brushes, a water bowl, disposable apron, a table covering, napkins, palette plates, a sharpie pen for outlining, a print out of the pet photo to work from and a written lesson plan!  Our expert instructions will guide you through the step-by-step process of creating a colorful painted portrait of your pet!  Please do know that the better the photograph, the better your drawing and painting will be!  Background elements in your original photo will be eliminated altogether and if we receive a "full-body" picture of the pet, we will crop it down to a headshot as this has proven to be the best outcome for the images.  If you prefer the "full-body" drawn then please let us know and please do know that this will shrink the head and facial features to allow for more parts. THIS KIT IS FOR ONLY ONE PET. 

All art supplies and instructions are included!

After purchasing online, send your image as soon as possible via email to with YOUR NAME and PURCHASE DATE.

This kit is non-refundable