Golden Gate Reflections - Acrylic Painting Tutorial

Golden Gate Reflections - Acrylic Painting Tutorial

Paint the Golden Gate Reflections painting BY VIDEO at your HOME as recorded by Kimberly Godinho who is the creator of The Painted Cork and its painting classes! She will show you how to DRAW and PAINT the image in a step-by-step process! You got this! LET'S PAINT!

Here's how it's done:

  • Purchase your copy of this video painting tutorial.
  • We will then email you a personalized link to the video class. You will have access to this video for 30 days.
  • Order your supplies directly from our supplier or buy from your local art store.
  • Set up your painting area on a covered table on linoleum or tile floor and wear an apron or smock. Acrylic paint will stain!
  • Access the video on an Ipad, desktop, laptop, or smart TV and start painting!


You can go to your local art store and buy the supplies from the list below, or you can order them from our supplier which is Dick Blick. Dick Blick is an online art store, however, there is also an actual store located in Sacramento, Berkeley, and Oakland. Here is their website www.dickblick.com The paints we will use are Blick acrylics and the smallest amount you can buy from them is in a pint. So, this would be a great amount to purchase if you were to continue to paint more paintings. They are only about $6 a pint which is extremely reasonable compared to some leading brand tubes, but it just depends on what you would like to do.

Below is a direct link to our class supply list with dick blick. We think it's a great idea to get the whole set if you plan to continue painting. However, you can of course just purchase the colors needed for the class you are taking. You can also buy a "pack" of canvases for a very good rate. The wood surface option on the list is only if you'd rather paint on wood. If you were to buy the entire list except for the wood surface the cost would be $100 give or take. The $100 would give you enough paint for about 20 paintings (depending on how thick you paint) and the canvas option included on the list is for a pack of 6 canvases.

Here is a direct link to our supply list:


Supplies Needed:


  • Cobalt Blue
  • Black
  • Red
  • Chrome Yellow
  • Chrome Orange
  • White
  • Purple (optional)


  • This video was created on a 14 x 18 stretched canvas, but feel free to paint on a wood panel surface (go bigger or smaller...paper works too!)


  • Round #1
  • Round #8
  • 1" Flat Wash


Duration: 30 days
Price: $30.00