Kimberly Godinhokimberlygodinho

Kimberly Godinho is the proud owner and operator of The Painted Cork and is an accomplished art instructor with a Bachelor Degree in Fine Art which she obtained with honors from Ringling School of Art and Design in 1999. She has also won numerous grants and scholarships while attending RSAD including the New York Studio Residency Program where she got to live and work in NYC as a professional artist during her Junior year. Kimberly is a practicing artist and is skilled in arts of oil painting, acrylic painting, watercolor painting, pastel, colored pencil, stone carving, wood and plaster sculpture, and printmaking. She has sold her artwork and had showings of her work across the country including the states of CA, NJ, PE, NY, FL and MD. She’s also accomplished dozens of commissioned pieces as a portrait artist, muralist and children’s book illustrator and has been teaching art to children and adults for almost 25 years. In February of 2011, Kimberly created and opened The Painted Cork Art Studio in Historic Folsom and in June 2013 she opened The Painted Cork’s second location in Midtown Sacramento!

To view Kimberly Godinho’s most recent series of Early American Coin Paintings, click on the link: Coin Paintings

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Savannah Oravetzsavannah

Savannah Oravetz comes from a long line of Artists and Educators. Her style varies a great deal, with influences from Asian screen and fabric prints, 19th century Art Nouveau, Cubism, Pop Art, and Modern Art. These styles are incorporated in her works in a variety of mediums such as oil, ink, ceramic, wood, acrylic, and mixed media.

Savannah received her degree in Art Education and minored in Psychology, with the intention of using art for its therapeutic properties. From her work with The Very Special Arts and teaching with The Painted Cork, she admires art’s ability to unlock unknown aspects of one’s personality.

If you are interested in my work, or are looking for a custom art piece message me at

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Jennifer Hartejennifer

Jen has been passionate about art throughout her life. She studied art in Santa Barbara, before moving on to UC Santa Cruz where she obtained a B.A. in Anthropology. By studying anthropology alongside art, Jen was able to see how art has influenced culture throughout human history. Besides painting, Jen dyes and spins wool, sculpts with clay, makes jewelry, knits and crochets, and enjoys pretty much any creative pursuit out there. She is a commissioned portrait artist, and appreciates paintings that bring out the beauty in the natural world. Her brother is a wildlife photographer in Australia, and they often collaborate on art based off of his photography. Being able to combine painting with teaching at the Painted Cork has brought two of her great loves together, and she enjoys helping people bring out their creative abilities. For questions regarding commissioned paintings, please email at

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Sandra Whiteheadsandra

Sandra Whitehead was born in El Paso, Texas. She studied at the University of Arizona where she obtained a degree in architecture. She has also studied in Greece, Italy and Mexico City. Sandra also lived in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates for five years where she taught art at an international school. Her exposure with many different cultures has given her a love for art and architecture from all over the world. She is also a certified forensic artist and has a passion for drawing and painting people. She lives in Lincoln with her husband and six children. Sandra is excited to be teaching at The Painted Cork.

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Rachel Kernsrachel

Rachel grew up in Phoenix, Az and recently moved to Sacramento in 2015. Her mother taught her about oil painting which ignited a passion for art of all types. She has worked with ceramics, watercolor, oil pastel, pen and ink, scratch board, charcoal and professional jewelry making. She finds enjoyment in any form of creative expression including singing, acting, and comedy. She is a full time student pursing a degree in Buisness. When she is not working, you can find her at home with her cat and boyfriend painting with water colors or out exploring all that Northern California has to offer.

Find her on Etsy: OliandBaz

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Emily Reese

emilybestFrom a young age, Emily was labeled as “the artist” - always busy drawing horses or other animals, coloring, or drawing outside with chalk. In high school, Emily discovered a love for new mediums, namely graphite, acrylic, and oil, leading her to pursue a Bachelor in Art through UC Santa Cruz. Her work is relatable in narrative and subject, realistic in depiction, but with a painterly flair and sometimes an uncanny twist. She appreciates that painting is subjective and the “meaning” behind her work changes with her. For her own creative series, Emily enjoys working on a larger-than-life scale, with vibrant tones contrasted against dark and moody areas.

Emily has discovered that she is able to produce her best work surrounded with other like-minded peers. She contributed her artistry to several collaboration pieces with an electric guitar maker, has worked on murals with fellow artists, continues to design posters, signs, and chalkboards for a variety of peoples and businesses, creates unique commission paintings or drawings as a freelance artist, and tries to lend an artful eye where ever may be needed. Emily is excited to teach at The Painted Cork!

Check out Emily's artwork

Emily's Portfolio – pushingpaint.com

Pet & People Portraits - emilysartillery.wixsite.com/emilyreese



Lizzy MailhoMunkee 0917165503

Lizzy Mailho has been an artist her entire life. Starting from a young age she was drawing on anything she could get her hands on and was inspired by the illustrations of Beatrix Potter. She loved watching Bob Ross paint landscapes on T.V., which she attempted to recreate with children’s watercolor sets. She became serious about art while at Butte College, where she decided to make her passion into her major. From there she went on to earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts in drawing and painting, from Chico State University. Although she is a drawer at heart, Lizzy has experimented with other forms of art including, print making, sculpture, lost wax casting, welding, wood work, and digital. A huge fan of figure drawing, she mostly favors people as her subject matter. Her work is thought provoking, dark, weird, and whimsical. She draws inspiration from childhood imagination mixed with the reality of adulthood, psychological issues, stress, humor, and is also inspired by the work of other artists. A few of her favorite artists include: Jason Shawn Alexander, Charmaine Olivia, Lori Earley and Mandy Tsung.

Website: www.lizzymailho.com
Society 6: www.society6.com/lizzymailho

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 Claudia Stelmach

*~ Once upon a time, there was a little girl who fell so in love with adorable animals and beautiful nature around her that she couldn't stop drawing them all over...well everything! Now all grown up, this little artist is about to finally finish her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Illustration at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco while painting professionally at the Painted Cork!

Always known for her fanciful designs, bright bold colors, and creative characters, Claudia has always been a huge fan of all things fairy tale and dreamlike. Using whatever medium, whether it's acrylic, oil, watercolor, pastels, colored pencil, or just simply pen on paper, her imagination runs wild in all sorts of styles, subjects, and environments. With a strong passion in character design, costume design, and fashion design, she loves illustrating elaborate and lavish gowns and artistic portraits filled with hidden meanings and creative interpretations. 

When she's not getting crafty in the art studio, Claudia expresses other forms of art through all styles of dance, theatrical performances, and singing her heart out at her piano and on stage. She also frequently creates her own costumes to cosplay and model at local conventions and fashion shows. Every once in a while, she escapes to breathtaking natural wildernesses or writes whimsical poetry in bed with her loving cats and dog. 

"I believe that art can be expressed more than just on pen and paper; be the dancing paint brush, dip into all colors of life, and make the world your canvas!"

If you're a fan of classical vintage masterpieces like Da Vinci's renaisssance, or vibrant strokes of fun creative expression like Van Gogh's impressionism, Claudia has the key to your imagination!

Feel free to follow her at: www.facebook.com/cricketfantasycosplayart or @clauderz on instagram for more magic and madness! ~*

Reily Schultz

Reily has had a deep rooted passion for art her whole life. She started taking formal classes in 2nd grade and has been hooked ever since!
Reily graduated from Willamette University in 2015 with a degree in studio art and gender studies. She has stayed active in both fields and continually tries to find new ways to incorporate the two. Reily draws inspiration from current events and her own experiences to create work that is symbolic, expressive, and often abstract.

Before moving to back to California, Reily taught painting classes for a similar company in Portland, OR, and was an active part of the art community. This opportunity gave Reily a chance to share her love of painting with guests, and she is very happy to continue teaching here at the Painted Cork.
She works mainly with acrylic paint and ink but has also studied ceramics, printmaking, photography, and charcoal/graphite drawing.
Her work has been displayed in the Hallie Ford art museum and at Chemekata College in Salem, OR, and privately own in Seattle and San Francisco.
She is currently taking commissions for painted statement clothing, and tattoo designs.

Instagram: @sarareily

Katie Starbuckkatie

Katie has been engaged in illustration, digital illustration and multimedia studies for the last 10 years. She received her education at American River College graduating with an Associate of Arts in Art New media, as well as Sacramento State University graduating with a Bachelor's in Electronic Art. Her primary areas of study are illustration - both digital and traditional - as well as other electronic multimedia. She began her art journey as an oil and acrylic artist and continues those passions to this day.

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