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Kimberly Godinho is the proud owner and operator of The Painted Cork and is an accomplished art instructor with a Bachelor Degree in Fine Art from Ringling School of Art and Design in 1999. She also won numerous grants and scholarships while attending RSAD, including the New York Studio Residency Program, where she got to live and work in NYC as a professional artist during her Junior year. Kimberly is a practicing artist and is skilled in the arts of oil painting, acrylic painting, watercolor painting, pastel, colored pencil, stone carving, wood and plaster sculpture, and printmaking. She has sold her artwork and had showings of her work across the country including the states of CA, NJ, PE, NY, FL and MD. She’s also accomplished dozens of commissioned pieces as a portrait artist, muralist and children’s book illustrator and has been teaching art to children and adults for almost 25 years. In December of 2010, Kimberly founded and opened The Painted Cork Art Studio in Historic Folsom and in June 2013 she opened The Painted Cork’s second location in Midtown Sacramento! All interior wall murals in both locations were painted singlehandedly by Kimberly along with the 32 foot "Starry Sacramento" mural that graces the exterior brick wall of the Sacramento studio which faces J Street!

To view Kimberly Godinho’s most recent series of Early American Coin Paintings, click on the link: Coin Paintings

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