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karen shaw midsize 078.jpgA California native, Karen started drawing portraits in her early teens and ultimately went on to paint murals. She has explored several vocations, including massage therapy, veterinary nursing and acting, but keeps returning to the fine arts.

“My time in LA chasing acting was challenging, but it definitely served to clarify my path,” she says.

A lover of impressionism, Karen was in heaven on a visit to Paris with her mom in 2006. She had the pleasure of studying figure drawing with Sacramento’s own Fred Dalkey, and greatly admires his way with color and light. Working in acrylic, charcoal, water color and pastel, Karen attempts to create in her art a spiritual respite. She finds it especially exhilarating to capture the personalities of both pets and people. Karen is also a seamstress, and has made historical costuming for those attending renaissance fairs.

“I love teaching at the Painted Cork – I feel that people who don’t regularly paint but who are willing to try this are very brave. I encourage our guests to be patient with themselves and the process, because, as I freely tell them, whenever I paint there’s some point when I want to break all my brushes and run screaming.”

Karen lives in Folsom with her two gold and white rescue kitties, Poppy and Pele.


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