About Us

Sip wine while you paint a masterpiece!

family beginning

Kimberly Godinho is the proud founder, owner and operator of The Painted Cork and is an accomplished art instructor with a Bachelor Degree in Fine Art which she obtained with honors from Ringling School of Art and Design in 1999. She has also won numerous grants and scholarships while attending RSAD including the New York Studio Residency Program where she got to live and work in NYC as a professional artist during her Junior year. Kimberly is a practicing artist and is skilled in arts of oil painting, acrylic painting, watercolor painting, pastel, colored pencil, stone carving, wood and plaster sculpture, and printmaking. She has sold her artwork and had showings of her work across the country including the states of CA, NJ, PE, NY, FL and MD. She’s also accomplished dozens of commissioned pieces as a portrait artist, muralist and children’s book illustrator and has been teaching art to children and adults for almost 25 years.

In December of 2010 (seen in the picture above with her family), with a dream in her heart, some tables from Goodwill and an iron clad work ethic, Kimberly created and opened The Painted Cork Art Studio in Historic Folsom!  In June 2013 she opened The Painted Cork’s second location in Midtown Sacramento and in the Fall of 2017, The Painted Cork's 3rd location opened in Midtown Santa Cruz!!

To view Kimberly Godinho’s most recent series of Early American Coin Paintings, click on the link: Coin Paintings

sip and paint studio

The Painted Cork “paint and sip” Art Studio is a comfortable, fun and hip Art Studio with an exciting social flair. Guests get their creative juices flowing as a professional Art instructor guides them through a 2 to 3 hour acrylic on canvas painting class while they enjoy their favorite wine, beer or non-alcoholic beverage and snacks. All Art supplies are included with the class such as brushes, paints, canvases, easels and aprons, and every class is taught step by step so there is NO EXPERIENCE necessary!

We also have a "FAMILY ROOM" studio in our Folsom location for the Kiddos and family events! This studio is non-alcoholic and for ages 7 and up.

Here’s How It’s Done

  • Go to our website
  • Click onto the “Calendar” tab to view our classes
  • Register online for your choice class
  • Pack your favorite wine, beer, beverages and munchies
  • Show up 20-25 minutes early to pick out your seats and relax
  • Get ready to channel your inner Picasso!

One of our professional Artists will instruct the entire class through step by step painting instruction and show them how to paint the selected painting of the day or night. There are no rules on how our guests would like to paint their masterpiece! Let your creativity run wild! Change color, add elements or even change the entire painting if you like! We take breaks throughout the class so that the guests can have some social time with their friends, food, wine and music. The classes range from 2-4 hours long with a price range of $35-$50 a class, depending on the painting at hand.

What To Expect When You Join A Class

sac studioWhen you arrive to your class 20-30 minutes early, you will then check in at our administrative assistant desk where we will ask for your name and ID to check you in. You can then pick out your seat and get comfortable! We try to reserve seats for parties of 6 or more ahead of time so please let us know when you register for the class by adding into the “comment’s box” that you are a large group and exactly how many guests will be in your party. Please call the studio ahead of time to make sure your guests are all signed up. Once you are comfortable, feel free to pop open your wine or drinks or get out your snacks to enjoy throughout the class. Our food and wine options is a perk and not mandatory!  You may share your treats or keep them to yourself!  We have tall TV style trays at each table and three designated 8 foot “food tables”. We also supply complimentary paper plates, cups, napkins, plastic cutlery, plastic wine glasses, bottle openers and a refrigerator for your use. Sit back and relax while the artist gets you your paint and gets ready to start the class.

Upon taking your seat, you will notice that we have taken the time and effort to draw a preliminary sketch onto your canvas prior to the class. This drawing is what many artists use to place elements appropriately into the canvas prior to the painting process so that they don’t have to aimlessly draw with their paint brush. We take the time to add this drawing to our process because our classes are more about the painting process of mixing colors, blending techniques and brush strokes and not a drawing class. We have our professional artists come in 2 hours prior to every class so to ensure the drawings can be done in time and to help build your painting for success.  If you do not want the drawing, you are more than welcome to request a blank canvas!! Our artist will begin the class by going over what to expect from the process and then begin to show the class a step by step process of building the painting. We do take breaks during the classes to allow paint to dry and give our guests a chance to step away from their paintings and fill their cups. We play music throughout our classes and we do take requests! When the painting process is complete, our artist will show you how to sign your masterpiece and you are finished! The acrylic paint dries very quickly and within minutes, your painting will be dry and ready to take home.

The Painted Cork has three locations, one in the heart of Historic Folsom on Sutter St and one in Midtown Sacramento and the third location is in Midtown Santa Cruz!  All three studios are conveniently located near fantastic restaurants, bars, boutiques, coffee shops etc. So when your class is over feel free to continue the fun in Historic Folsom, Midtown Sacramento or Midtown Santa Cruz!!